“In response to Unanswered episode 0” by Max Barnard

“In response to Unanswered episode 0” by Max Barnard

Max has posted a detailed and insightful response to Unanswered Show 0 refracting whatever light Nick and Steev managed to cast through his own prism. He’s very kind about the show and pretty honest about himself, so make sure you listen to the show if you haven’t done so already, and then take a read of Max’s mind.

So, I listened to my pair o’ pals Steev & Nic’s new podcast, Unanswered, which is absolutely ace and is totally a thing you should listen to. In fact go do that right now, this can wait. But yeah, they talked at some length about the idea of possession owning you, and by sheer necessity I started making notes of my own relationship with possessions, something that’s only recently become highlighted in my cross-global move to New Zealand back in June (I’m english, you see, so that was a hell of a journey). This post, then, is the actualisation of these varied thoughts into a more legible text piece about the things that own me, I own, or that I’ve managed to discard along the way. Be warned in advance, this amount of navel gazing was always going to read as incredibly pretentious. It’s also *really* long. Bullets points may be involved.

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About unansweredpodcast

Unanswered is a monthly podcast, released on the first Wednesday of each month, by Steev Bishop and Nicolas Papaconstantinou. Each episode takes on a single topic. With barely any preparation, we navigate the issue as best as we can and bring you the highlights. We cannot promise expert insights or solutions, but we can promise the topic will remain…unanswered.

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