Unanswered 1: Opinions

Header image for Unanswered Show 1 "Opinions" haunted by the face of Jan Moir

In the debut episode, we tackle the slippery subject of opinions in a rip-roaring display of low self-awareness as if Unanswered is in any way qualified to define what opinions are and who gets permission to express them.

Marvel at our abuse of science and religion. Gasp as we wrangle Godwin’s Law. Restrain the urge to faint as we decide who is responsible for policing all of this thinking.

Also learn how we like our tea.

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Show Notes



1 thought on “Unanswered 1: Opinions

  1. Good show there guys enjoyed that. I would like to add that opinion is based mainly in ego or a sense of self. Without that sense of self or separation from the rest of the world one would be in harmony with the way things are rather than trying to change it. When people drop their egos they find empathy with the subject matter and the other sides of the debate and prejudices and pre-conceived ideas don’t mean as much. That’s not to say you are not allowed to use your experience to assist your thought process but the desire to have preferences and leaning of the mind is what drives opinion. Looking forward to the next episode. Cheers.

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