A note on our schedule

First and foremost, thanks so much for checking out Unanswered. I hope you’ll stick around and become a regular listener.

Our intended schedule is to release our shows every other Wednesday evening.

We took a break from the schedule to get the site together. When this site went live last week, Nick and I had already recorded four shows. The first of those is a frankly unreleasable pilot episode containing all sorts of mistakes we fixed with the second pilot, which you will know as Show 0Shows 1 and 2 were also recorded, edited and benched, ready for release.

As we catch up, you’ll be getting an episode a week. Show 2 will be released on Wednesday 28th November, when we will also record Show 3. From there we’ll be back on our fortnightly schedule so—all things going well—Show 3 is expected on 12th December.

— Steev

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About unansweredpodcast

Unanswered is a monthly podcast, released on the first Wednesday of each month, by Steev Bishop and Nicolas Papaconstantinou. Each episode takes on a single topic. With barely any preparation, we navigate the issue as best as we can and bring you the highlights. We cannot promise expert insights or solutions, but we can promise the topic will remain…unanswered.

Comments welcome!

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