Changes to the Unanswered schedule

The Unanswered podcast will be moving to a monthly schedule. This means our next show will be released on Wednesday 3rd April.

Recording a new show every two weeks has been fun. Time spent chewing the cud with a friend is always time well spent, and if it weren’t for the realities of editing there wouldn’t be a need for change.

The show’s premise is to take on a subject with little to no opportunity to research, to see what occurs to us and where it leads. The conversation comes easily, but the challenge is in taking raw audio over two hours in length (and close to three on occasion) and distill that into an enjoyable, manageable running time. I had hoped for 30–40 minutes, but it seems the natural length is around 50 minutes.

The editing process is pretty ruthless, first by cutting out large chunks and then going back to take out repetition, hesitation and conversational dead ends. Including countless tiny snips because—believe me—there’s only so many times you’d want to hear the words ‘um’ and ‘err’. This takes hours to do. To find those hours in a window the size of slightly fewer than 14 days is very tricky and has been at the expense of other plans. By recording once a month, I get two additional weeks to make time for the editing, and hopefully to get the voices from the last episode out of my head in enough time to feel ready to make the next one.

Thanks for being a listener. We hope we make part of your balanced podcast diet.

Passing it on

If you’ve enjoyed one of our shows don’t be afraid to tell either Nick or myself (or even the Unanswered account) on Twitter, or by leaving a comment here on the site. If we’ve moved you to blog about a topic we’ve discussed, send us the link and we’ll share it. We’ll be your best friend forever if you spread the word about us wherever you are online.

Reviews on iTunes or your podcatcher of choice are also gratefully received.


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About unansweredpodcast

Unanswered is a monthly podcast, released on the first Wednesday of each month, by Steev Bishop and Nicolas Papaconstantinou. Each episode takes on a single topic. With barely any preparation, we navigate the issue as best as we can and bring you the highlights. We cannot promise expert insights or solutions, but we can promise the topic will remain…unanswered.

Comments welcome!

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