“How the interactive experience created the entitled fan” by Domi Sinclair

“How the interactive experience created the entitled fan” by Domi Sinclair

Domi listened to Unanswered Show 11, “Being A Fan”, and because it’s a subject area she’s very interested in she found it frustrating when the episode finished when there was still more to discuss.

(This is one of the most lovely things to hear, when you’re doing a show like this. The best podcasts are the ones that I find myself trying to get involved with the conversation as I listen, sometimes months after the presenters have moved on!)

Domi got so frustrated that she felt moved to write a blog post about it. In it, she manages to cover some pretty smart ground that hadn’t occurred to us during the show, and once you’ve listened to the episode, you should definitely read what she has to say.

As people/ fans get more and more used to companies asking for, and listening to, their opinions there is naturally going to come a time when they utilise effect platforms to give their opinion, even when unprompted or unwanted. They will then keep giving their opinion, louder and louder until they get the reaction they have become a custom to.

Oh, and in true Unanswered fashion, Domi manages to fit in some anecdotal over-sharing too!

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