Unanswered 16: Jobsworth!

Header image for Unanswered Show 16 "Jobsworth!" featuring one-time 'That’s Life' host Esther Rantzen

Despite themselves and their often inflated sense of self-importance, humans do a relatively good job of all getting along. That is, unless one of their contemporaries is proving to be an obstacle purely by performing the duties their employer has bestowed upon said ghastly hurdle.

Surely it is not too much to ask to appeal to the hurdle’s better nature and sense of fairness? Well, yes you can ask. Questions have a habit of providing unwelcome answers, however. And the wind cries Jobsworth.

Steev and Nick try and deconstruct the title of Jobsworth and the people who wield it. Learn about That’s Life!, porcelain hearts, The Great British Traffic Warden, supposed power trips, and who amongst us can genuinely claim to win at life.

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