Unanswered 18: Happiness

Header image for Unanswered Show 18 "Happiness" featuring a Ken Dodd EP cover from 1964

We are all prone to bouts of wondering what it is we’re supposed to do with our lives, and it seems one of the most popular answers is to be happy. Our governments and corporations wish for us to be happy as much as our nearest and dearest do.

Whilst all this goodwill is lovingly received, can we even begin to understand what our pursuit of happiness really means? Why is happiness the emotion that wins out amongst all others, and do we risk confusing it with a sense of contentment?

It’s a densely packed hour as Steev and Nick discuss emotions, the value of dogs, and share their own perspectives and experiences from their happiness pursuits.

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Show Notes



2 thoughts on “Unanswered 18: Happiness

  1. Very enjoyable show with a lot to think about, chaps. For a lot of the time I was disagreeing with you both but actually I think it’s more that I have already decided what emotional state I equate with happiness.

    I think I’m happy almost all the time unless something is actively getting in the way of that – if I’m not angry, sad, bored etc then I’m happy because I’ve got nothing to be unhappy about. Or maybe I haven’t had anything sufficiently terrible happen to me yet. Maybe I have that to look forward to. Hopefully not though.

    Great show again – thanks!

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