Unanswered returns 5th February 2014

The next episode of Unanswered will be released on Wednesday 5th February 2014.

The Christmas break, illnesses and a home move impacted on our ability to schedule a recording for January’s show. Rather than rush out a late offering, we’ve opted to skip this month.

In the meantime

If you now find yourself with an odd-shaped hole in your podcast listening for January we have some suggestions for you:

  • Why not create your own special-edition, long-form Unanswered clip-show by picking an episode from our archive and listening to it in its entirety, from start to finish?
  • Pick an episode from the Unanswered archive, download it and open it in your favourite audio editing software package; then reverse the audio and report back with any hidden messages.
  • Or how about listening to a podcast from friends of the show:
    • MOMBcast—The MOMBcast is the long-running comic book podcast from the people at MOMBcomics.com, co-hosted by Unanswered’s own Nick, with James and Jane. Occasionally Jon.
    • 2 Grown Men—Nick’s other other podcast with MOMBcast’s James, this time about being a man-child with child.
    • Psycomedia—Psychology, comedy and media. Tim and Ben take a look at the odd, quirky side of psychological research.
    • Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour—a monthly podcast where Stacey and guest flail about around the latest happenings in pop culture. Both Nick and Steev have been guests in the past.
    • Friendship! Effort! Victory!—Max takes a look at the history and inner workings of the stories inside the pages of Japan’s long-running manga compendium Shonen Jump.
  • We’d also recommend you take a listen to Unanswered’s spiritual parent, Back to Work, from Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann. The show discusses issues around productivity and getting back to doing the things we love.

Thanks for being a listener. We hope we make part of your balanced podcast diet.

Passing it on

If you’ve enjoyed one of our shows don’t be afraid to tell either Nick or myself (or even the Unanswered account) on Twitter, or by leaving a comment here on the site. If we’ve moved you to blog about a topic we’ve discussed, send us the link and we’ll share it. We’ll be your best friend forever if you spread the word about us wherever you are online.

Reviews on iTunes or your podcatcher of choice are also gratefully received.


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About unansweredpodcast

Unanswered is a monthly podcast, released on the first Wednesday of each month, by Steev Bishop and Nicolas Papaconstantinou. Each episode takes on a single topic. With barely any preparation, we navigate the issue as best as we can and bring you the highlights. We cannot promise expert insights or solutions, but we can promise the topic will remain…unanswered.

Comments welcome!

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