Unanswered 11: Being a Fan

Header image for Unanswered Show 11 "Being A Fan" featuring an enhanced image of "Tron Guy"  Jay Maynard

When a like turns into a devotion and becomes a part of your emotional well-being, it’s possible you have become a fan.

You enjoy, support and loyally follow an individual or group making something entertaining, or succeeding or failing in a sport. And that’s OK because you’re allowed to enjoy the fruits of another’s hard work. The person who worked hard to make it wants you to enjoy it. It’s a simple relationship.

However, how much devotion is unhealthy and where can the relationship break down? Can one’s investment grow to create hopes that can never be met? Does our fanaticism threaten to spoil our fancy?

Nick and Steev use a few of their own examples to consider the faults in being a fan.

Steev yet again struggles with his sinuses. Apologies.

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