Unanswered 26: The Cinema Experience

Header image for Unanswered Show 26 "The Cinema Experience" featuring a still from the 1982 movie “Diner”

Lights, camera, action, print, distribute, queue, empty wallet, fill face, get anxious about noisy audience member, resist urge to check phone, watch film.

Steev and Nick discuss their experiences with the cinema and ask whether the magic of the place has been diminished by the way the industry has treated itself, or whether your hosts are just too jaded to take it on its own, rejigged terms. In a time where we can have a big enough screen at home, does the cinema still deserve to be the ultimate place to take in Hollywood’s finest?

There’s also way too much talk about popcorn and penises.

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Unanswered 25: Money

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Oxygen is in plentiful supply. There is enough to go around for everyone, and doesn’t seem to have a problem supporting even more, despite the distant threat it could all be taken away. Some people like to take up more oxygen than they really need, and one can find themselves wondering whether the hoarders are really contributing enough to make that stockpiling worthwhile. And while you’re welcome to decide for yourself whether Unanswered qualifies, why not consider comparing the analogy to money.

In our twenty-fifth show we expand our horizons beyond amateur philosophy by also trying our hands at amateur history and amateur economics, to really drive home how little we know about the stuff we try to talk about.

Gasp you will as we wonder how the idea of money started, who drew the notes, and how that person got paid. We also invent unprofitable businesses, discuss what we did with our pocket money, as well as consider the value of things when we have to work to afford them.

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