Unanswered is a monthly podcast, released on the first Wednesday of each month, by Steev Bishop and Nicolas Papaconstantinou.

Each episode takes on a single topic. Speaking from the gut and shooting from the hip, we navigate the issue as best as we can and bring you the highlights.

We cannot promise expert insights or solutions, but we can promise the topic will remain…unanswered.

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More about Unanswered

Unanswered is made in the south of England, part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and as such contains British accents. Podcast episodes are recorded once a month, and are edited and released the following month.

Topics can be big, small, existential or trivial, but the idea is to look deeper into a part of our lives which we would often take for granted or choose to ignore. Some of the big stuff we’ve taken on so far includes offence, privacy, empathy, procrastination, and trolling; while we’ve also discussed Nick’s fear of flying and llamas, and we’ve had fun with our perception of time, fandom, luck, and Christmas. Our most popular and talked about episode so far looked at the tricky matter of spoilers in our media consumption.

You can listen to and download episodes directly from the site, or you can subscribe to our podcast feed or visit our iTunes page to keep up to date with our latest shows.

You can follow the show’s official Twitter feed @unansweredpod.

More about the hosts

Steev Bishop is the co-host and producer of the Unanswered podcast. It is his first podcast project, although he has been a guest on the MOMBcast and Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour. Steev is a graphic designer by training and a Mac enthusiast by experience. He created his first comics in 2013, and has dabbled in news satire with Beeb’s News.

Nicolas Papaconstantinou is the other co-host of the Unanswered podcast. Nick is an experienced podcaster, appearing on well over 200 episodes of the now retired MOMBcast, as well as running 2 Grown Men and We Have Issues. He has also been a guest on Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour.
Nick is a learning technologist for money and a writer (and podcaster) by desire. He created and regularly contributes to the Elephant Words project, and occasionally writes for his own website.

Kind words

Listen to Show 17—Spoilers.

Listen to Show 17—Spoilers.