Unanswered 2: Fear of Flying

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Nick recalls his first experience flying on a small aeroplane, noting it can be quite different from long-haul journeys on much larger jets. This kicks off a conversation about the fear of flying or, more to the point, the myriad fears and issues captured within.

In addition we discuss dreams, other tales of disaster, and we entirely resist the issue of airline food.

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A note on our schedule


First and foremost, thanks so much for checking out Unanswered. I hope you’ll stick around and become a regular listener.

Our intended schedule is to release our shows every other Wednesday evening.

We took a break from the schedule to get the site together. When this site went live last week, Nick and I had already recorded four shows. The first of those is a frankly unreleasable pilot episode containing all sorts of mistakes we fixed with the second pilot, which you will know as Show 0Shows 1 and 2 were also recorded, edited and benched, ready for release.

As we catch up, you’ll be getting an episode a week. Show 2 will be released on Wednesday 28th November, when we will also record Show 3. From there we’ll be back on our fortnightly schedule so—all things going well—Show 3 is expected on 12th December.

— Steev

Unanswered 1: Opinions

Header image for Unanswered Show 1 "Opinions" haunted by the face of Jan Moir

In the debut episode, we tackle the slippery subject of opinions in a rip-roaring display of low self-awareness as if Unanswered is in any way qualified to define what opinions are and who gets permission to express them.

Marvel at our abuse of science and religion. Gasp as we wrangle Godwin’s Law. Restrain the urge to faint as we decide who is responsible for policing all of this thinking.

Also learn how we like our tea.

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“In response to Unanswered episode 0” by Max Barnard

Max has posted a detailed and insightful response to Unanswered Show 0 refracting whatever light Nick and Steev managed to cast through his own prism. He’s very kind about the show and pretty honest about himself, so make sure you listen to the show if you haven’t done so already, and then take a read of Max’s mind.

So, I listened to my pair o’ pals Steev & Nic’s new podcast, Unanswered, which is absolutely ace and is totally a thing you should listen to. In fact go do that right now, this can wait. But yeah, they talked at some length about the idea of possession owning you, and by sheer necessity I started making notes of my own relationship with possessions, something that’s only recently become highlighted in my cross-global move to New Zealand back in June (I’m english, you see, so that was a hell of a journey). This post, then, is the actualisation of these varied thoughts into a more legible text piece about the things that own me, I own, or that I’ve managed to discard along the way. Be warned in advance, this amount of navel gazing was always going to read as incredibly pretentious. It’s also *really* long. Bullets points may be involved.

Unanswered 0: The Things You Own Own You

Header image for Unanswered Show 0 "The things you own own you"

In our pilot episode we talk about how objects that are owned have a curious way of becoming far more than objects, representing and reflecting aspects of our personality, and digging in their hooks way beyond the point of their usefulness.

Mugs, comic books, VHS cassettes, vinyl records and other seemingly harmless objects have their inherent evils revealed.

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